1. Effective Resources Integration
Generally, each manufacturer boasts specific advantageous products which come with remarkable competitiveness in quality, price and design. However, there are few products that can offer competitive edge in all series of products in the whole industry. Medcare has effectively integrated the resources of dozens of domestic medical products manufacturers and purchased the most superior products from them, thus presenting diversified and the most competitive products to foreign customers.

We have cooperated closely with tens of medical equipment manufacturers mainly in China's Heibei province and Yangtze River Delta. Compared to overseas purchasers, we know about Chinese makers more deeply and can offer the optimal control in quality, price, and delivery cycle. With our help, it is unnecessary for you to pay a personal trip to China to conduct business negotiation and factory visit. As a result, your time and cost can be considerably reduced.

2. Extensive Product Range
With effective resources integration of domestic EMS supplies, hospital furniture and medical devices, we can offer the optimal equipment support during pre-hospital care, emergency treatment and postoperative recovery processes. Our products have been extended to more than 50 types and hundreds of models. Tell us your demands, our foreign trade staff will recommend the most superior and suited products to you in the shortest time.

  • Scoop Stretcher (Pre-Hospital Care)
  • Defibrillator (Diagnosis in Hospital)
  • Electric Hospital Bed
  • Emergency Blanket (Medical Consumable)

3. Unbeatable Service
Before packaging, all of our products will experience strict quality control. After delivered to customers, they will enjoy a certain period of warranty. For example, we promise 3-year warranty for our hospital beds, 5-year warranty for hospital bed motors and 2-year warranty for other types of products. If customers purchase our products in full container load, we will supply 2% free accessories.

For any question you encounter during use of medical products, you can contact us by phone or email for answers. We will response by phone or email without 24 hours. For detailed information about our service, please click the "Service Center" below.

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