About Us

Wuxi Medcare Technology Co., Ltd has exported medical devices and relevant medical products for over 10 years to customers all over the world. Our comprehensive line of safe and cost effective medical products is supplied directly from internationally known medical equipment manufactures in China. Medcare offers domestic and overseas customers the best purchasing solutions for quick and safe patient transport, transfer and treatment. We assist medical device agents, hospitals, clinics, medical science research institutions, rehab facilities and more with our extensive product line of medical tools to help their patients get back to healthy and full lives.

Main Products
1.Emergency medical products: stretchers, hare traction splints, neck braces and more
2.Hospital furniture: hospital beds, bedside cabinets, medical carts, IV poles, and a line of others.
3.Hospital equipment: Defibrillators, patient monitors, medical ventilator, anesthesia machines,
4. Medical consumables: space blankets, syringes

Not only do we provide the products listed above, but we also provide one-stop service for different products to meet a variety of customer needs. As an example, when customers buy medical furniture from us, we will also help them buy mattresses, over bed tables, bedside cabinets, back up batteries, CPR controllers and other related products.

Our Customers
1. Medical Equipment Agents

We are a specialist supplier of medical equipment for emergency rescues, pre-hospital care, diagnosis and exams in the hospital, after surgery recovery and other procedures. We offer one of the world's most extensive lines of medical products. We also supply OEM services to meet more customer requirements.

2. End Users
Our EMS equipment, medical furniture and other medical devices can be purchased in small orders. During the early stages of working with our clients, we will offer related samples. Our end users include hospitals, first aid agencies, national EMS agencies, fire and rescue organizations, nursing homes and other medical facilities.

Our Goals
By integrating the resources of dozens of medical equipment manufacturers in China, we aim to become your trusted suppler with the widest product scope and the fastest delivery cycle.

Wuxi Medcare Technology Co., Ltd.

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