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Space Blanket

The space blanket from Medcare is a compact and easy to carry mylar blanket. The emergency blanket, also referred to as first air blanket, thermal blanket or weather blanket is suitable for use in low temperature environments to hold 90% body heat that will not emit. Due to a glaring light that it can give out, the first aid product can be readily found by rescuers. As a result, it is notably an essential wildness survival blanket. According to customers' requirements, the interior instructions can be customized. Detailed information about the space blanket is shown below. For more information, please contact at any time.

1) Material: Polyester plastic film coated with aluminum;
2) Function: Reflect back and maintain 90% of body heat;
3) Compact emergency protection: The space blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold. It's waterproof, reusable and portable. In addition to emergency use, it is perfect for camping trips and sporting events;
3) Size:
Gold Blanket:160×210cm, 140×210cm, 150×210cm, 130×210cm;
Silver Blanket: 150×210cm, 130×210cm, 140×210cm;
Customization is acceptable;

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