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Hospital Equipment

    1. Mobile X-RAY Machine

      Our digital X-ray imaging system comes with elegant appearance, is easy to move and operate, and combines all the characteristics of mobile X-ray machines.


Aside from a variety of emergency medical products and hospital furniture, Medcare can supply a wide range of hospital equipment for emergency treatment or daily monitoring in hospitals, including defibrillator, patient monitor, infant incubator, medical ventilator, mobile X-ray machine, anesthesia machine, etc. These medical devices are mainly used to offer aid in patient's cardiopulmonary resuscitation, monitoring and examination.

For final customers, we hold the capability to allow them to buy single piece product from our medical equipment. With a small warehouse, we can directly deliver single piece equipment. For batch order or OEM order, we generally deliver with 10-15 working days.

Our defibrillator devices with full English operating interface can offer a support for 0-360J electric shock, thus providing strong guarantee for EMT and first air personnel who are implementing CPR on the patients.

They are all multiparameter patient monitors, realizing precise and intuitive monitoring to vital signs including ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, SpO2, heart rate, etc. Our patient monitoring equipment is applied to all-round adult, pediatric and neonatal monitoring.

The infant incubator from Medcare, isolette, neonatal incubator or baby incubator as it is also known, is designed for the specific needs of infant nurseries and neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), providing the safest and most stable environment possible for the critical newborn infants. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology, innovative design, and exceptional thermal performance to facilitate the outcomes of your newborn patients.

Here at Medcare, known as a prominent medical equipment distributor, we offer two types of medical ventilators in models of S1100 and S1600 which are respectively electronic ventilator and mechanical ventilator. These two types of ventilator are designed to treat respiratory failure and respiratory insufficiency for pediatric and adult patients. They are applied to ICU, surgical operation room, ordinary wards in different types of hospitals.

To take your patient care to a new height with the mobile X-ray machine supplied by Medcare. This is a modularly designed mobile X-Ray system that is always ready to go and is ideal for use in wards, operating rooms, ICU, etc. The mobile X-ray unit is primarily used to perform radiography on patients' head, arms, thoracic cavity and abdomen.

Our S6100 anesthesia machine, also called anesthetic machine is designed with safety in mind. Combining proven ventilation technology, the anesthesia system is primarily used for inhalation anesthesia, breathing control, as well as monitoring and display of the patient's ventilation parameters.

1. Electric control and pneumatic control methods;
2. With a variety of alarm, presentation and protection functions;

S9600 CPAP machine is mainly used for treating the patients with obstructive sleep apnea-hyperpnoea syndrome (OSAHS). Now, to realize a perfect sleep with Medcare's CPAP ventilators.

1. Work mode: CPAP, S,S/T,T;
3. Wide colorful LCD display: It is very convenient for you to see the setting parameters and statistical data, and can display waveform of breathing air and pressure in real time;

Our blood gas and electrolyte analyzer employs state of the art all-solid-state ion-selective electrode sensor measuring technology. Without having to centrifuging the sample, the clinical equipment can directly test the concentration of ionized Na, K, Cl and Ca, PH value and CO2 content in whole blood and serum. It is maintenance free, convenient to assemble and disassemble, and stable in measuring.

Coagulation analyzer is a piece of important medical equipment used in clinical laboratories. It can be used for in vitro diagnosis. As a hemostasis and thrombus detector, the clinical laboratory equipment can be used in many fields for detecting hemorrhage and thrombus, diagnosing hemorrhage before bursting, observing curative effect and analysis after treatment.