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Mobile X-RAY Machine

To take your patient care to a new height with the mobile X-ray machine supplied by Medcare. This is a modularly designed mobile X-Ray system that is always ready to go and is ideal for use in wards, operating rooms, ICU, etc. The mobile X-ray unit is primarily used to perform radiography on patients' head, arms, thoracic cavity and abdomen.

1. Our digital X-ray imaging system comes with elegant appearance, is easy to move and operate, and combines all the characteristics of mobile X-ray machines.
2. Well balanced arm with single arm support is manufactured using patent technology which ensures striking appearance and convenient operation.
3. A unique brake design enable the portable x-ray machine to lock automatically when handle is released, thus making movement much safer.
4. It can automatically adjust the center of gravity according to arm rotation angle.
5. State of the art compact, high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator ensure superior image quality.
6. The mobile X-ray machine employs KV Analog closed loop control technology, mAs numeral closed loop control technology and microprocessor real-time control to ensure high accuracy and repeatability.
7. Parameters can be preset and adjusted through a LCD display.
8. Over-voltage protection, over-current protection and other protection functions are available.
10. An interlocking protection device is equipped for automatic fault protection, available with fault code display function. The system can automatically reset after power failure, making sure that parameter information safe will not lose.
11. Designed with a symmetrical and adjustable beam applicator, the mobile X-ray machine can realize automatic adjustment of X-ray image area. Positioning by using a collimator and measuring distance by using a calibrated scale, it enables accurate radiograph.
12. It applies a high frequency inverter to emit high quality X-ray, ensuring excellent resolution and contrast of image.
13. The arms can rotate ±90° left and right. It is convenient to poisoning.
14. With a built-in high capacity battery, the mobile X-ray equipment can take 200 images after fully charged.
15. It adopts manual control and remote control methods.

Technical Parameters of the Mobile X-RAY Machine
Generator output 5.0 kW
kV range 40 kV-120 kV in 1kv steps
mA range 25~100 mA
Exposure time 4 images per min, less than 20 ms per image
X-ray tube Stationary anode tube with a focal spot of 1.5×1.5 mm
Collimator Bright field light beam collimator with 120W halogen lamp and auto shut-off facility.
Power requirements Single phase 220V +/- 10% Voltage tolerance; 50Hz power supply
Mobile stand Light-weight, low height mobile and easily maneuverable stand.
Max. distance from the ground ≥ 2000mm
Min. distance from the ground ≤500mm
Rotating around the horizontal axis 180 °
Vertical rotation ± 90 °
Collimator rotation 180 °
Column rotation ± 90 °

Standard Configurations of the Mobile X-RAY Machine
1. Modular high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator (5.0KW, 120KV, 100mA, 50KHZ): one set
2. Innovative main frame: one set
3. Control system: one set
4. Symmetric Adjustable beam limiter with light: one set
5. Remote controller (Hand held controller and Wireless Microwave controller, the distance is 20 meters ): one set
6. High capacity and performance rechargeable battery and battery charger/discharger system: one set
7. General spare parts: Several

Power Output: 5KW
Frequency: 50KHZ
Focus: 1.5(high frequency special X-ray tube)
Tube Voltage: 40KV-120KV(interval: 1KV) 

Tube Current:
40~49KV 100mA 1~180mAs
50~59KV 77mA 1~140mAs
60~69KV 64mA 1~125mAs
70~79KV 55mA 1~110mAs
80~89KV 49mA 1~100mAs
90~99KV 44m 1~ 80mAs
100~109KV 32mA 1~63mAs
110~120KV 25mA 1~50mAs 1~50mAs

mAs: 1.0-180mAs (46steps)
Power Supply: 220V±10% 50HZ internal resistance≤1.0Ω