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Medical Ventilator

Here at Medcare, known as a prominent medical equipment distributor, we offer two types of medical ventilators in models of S1100 and S1600 which are respectively electronic ventilator and mechanical ventilator. These two types of ventilator are designed to treat respiratory failure and respiratory insufficiency for pediatric and adult patients. They are applied to ICU, surgical operation room, ordinary wards in different types of hospitals.

  • S1100
  • S1600
Differences between These Two Ventilators
Model No. S1100 S1600
Display Screen Size 12.1" 10.4"
Air/O2 Blender Electronic Mechanical
Compliance compensated function YES NO
With air compressor YES NO

User Friendly Interface

1. Colorful TFT LCD display;
2. Combined operation of button and shuttle key, making operation more convenient;
3. Compact interface design, enabling clear showing of breathing parameters;
4. Air compressor runs stably and silently, creating a quiet working environment for doctors.

Enhanced Functionality
1. Electric and mechanical ventilation solution for both adults and children;
2. Multiple working modes and ventilation modes such as IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, SPONT/CPAP, PSV, SIGH, MAUN;
3. The medical ventilator comes with air and oxygen mixer of high accuracy, stability and reliability;
4. Intelligent electric PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) control;
5. Highly integrated gas circuit design dramatically reduces loss, ensuring fast and smooth breathing;

Monitoring Function
1. Advanced display interface for monitoring parameters enables doctors to know the patient conditions much more comprehensively, laying solid foundation for treatment plan making and treatment effect evaluating;
2. Real time tracing of Flow-Time Graph, Pressure-Time Graph, and other graphs allows you to know patient conditions clearly and make everything in control.

Intelligent Design
1. Three-level alarming system, showing alarm information with sound and light;
2. Multiple alarming protection functions;
3. With state of the art power management technology and built-in back up battery, the medical ventilator can effectively prevent accident power failure. When outside power source is off, back up battery starts to work;
4. Power-On Self Test eliminates system fault

Key Components

Air/O2 Blender

Deliver air/O2 mixture with proper oxygen concentration to the patients, which will considerably improve the safety and efficiency of oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Sensor

Superior oxygen sensor can conduct real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration, and alarming when it is beyond the limitation. This ensures high safety in breathing O2.


Humidifier with heating device avoids dry gas harm for respiratory tract.

Atomization Port

The ventilator support use of atomizer, helping doctor to process nebulizer therapy.

Technical Parameters of the Medical Ventilator
Working condition Gas source O2
Air compressor Rated working pressure 280kpa~600kpa
Power source Voltage ~220V± 22V
Frequency:50HZ± 1HZ
Adjustment range of parameters Frequency 1bpm ~ 100bpm
SIMV mode 1bpm ~ 40bpm
Other modes Adult: 4bpm ~ 40bpm;
Children: 20bpm ~ 100bpm
Tinsp (inspiratory time) 0s ~ 12s ( Except for SIMV mode Respiratory ratio: 4:1 ~ 1:8 )
VT ( Tidal volume) range 0mL~2000mL
Adult 25mL ~ 2000mL
Children 0mL ~ 300mL
PEEP 0 cmH2O ~ 40 cmH2O
CPAP 0 cmH2O ~ 20 cmH2O
Continuous air flow Adult 0 L /min ~ 60 L /min
Children 2 L /min ~ 30 L/min
PTr (Pressure trigger) 20cmH2O ~ 20 cmH2O
FTr (Flow trigger) 0.5 L /min ~ 30 L /min
Pc(Pressure control) 5cmH2O~ 80 cmH2O
Ps(Pressure support) 0 cmH2O ~ 80 cmH2O
Adjusting range of O2 concentration 21 % ~ 100 %
Holding time(Inhalation platform /TIP) 0 ~ 6s (≤ 50% inspiratory time)
SIGH adjusting range 1/100 ~ 5/100
Suffocation ventilation OFF , 5s ~ 60 s
Pressure limit range 20cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O
Max. safety pressure <12.5Kpa