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Patient Monitor

Medcare offers 3 types of patient monitor in models of SD-9000A, SD-9000B and SD-9000C. They are all multiparameter patient monitors, realizing precise and intuitive monitoring to vital signs including ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, SpO2, heart rate, etc. Our patient monitoring equipment is applied to all-round adult, pediatric and neonatal monitoring.

Model Selection
1. SD-9000A Patient Monitor

This medical monitor can measure and display various patient data including 3-lead and 7-lead ECGs, heart rate, respiration, twin channel body temperature, blood oxygen, pulse, NIBP.

1. 7" true color high brightness TFT LCD offers intuitive patient data display, and it is available in Chinese and English display interfaces.
2. 5-lead and 3-lead ECG cables are compatible with each other, and can be recognized automatically.
3. The patient monitor employs state of the art digital technology for blood oxygen level measurement, with notably high resistance to electric scalpel interference and motion interference.
4. It holds a capability to store the trended data for 48 hours and features a function to show the data in graphical or numerical formats.
5. This patient monitoring device boasts a warning reviewing function. It can store 500 warnings at most.
6. Up to 600 non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) data can be reviewed.
7. Built-in recorder is optional, characterized by the functions of real-time recording, printing triggered by warning, and copying screen and printing.
8. Characters shown on the screen are big for high visibility.
9. The patient monitor is able to calculate drug concentration.
10. With internally installed maintenance-free battery, the medical equipment can continue to work when the AC power supply is off.
11. It can be connected to the central patient monitoring system by ethernet network or wireless network to realize central monitoring.

2. SD-9000B Patient Monitor

1. 15" TFT LCD screen can show 7-lead and 12-lead ECGs at the same time.
2. Digital blood oxygen level (SpO2) measurement technology delivers excellent resistance to motion interference and hypoperfusion.
3. When monitoring a certain patient, it allows you to check the vital signs of patients in other beds. Any of two monitors can be the central monitor.
4. It enables ultra long time ECG waveforms playback, pulse pitch tone adjusting and nurse calling.
5. The vital signs monitor comes with a port for memory card that can be used to store patient's previous data. USB port is also available.
6. Specially designed night light keyboard ensures ease of operating at night.
7. Wide screen with big characters ensures more intuitive patient data. One screen can simultaneously show the calculating results of anesthetic gases and drug concentration, as well as a graph of respiratory wave, heart rate and SpO2, and a short ECG trend

Standard Parameter Configurations: 5-lead ECG + digital SpO2 + heart rate + respiration + NIBP + body temperature + Li-battery

Optional: Nellcor SpO2/ Masimo SpO2/ 21 BP/ 12-Lead ECG/ ETC02/ICG/Recorder/Wifi

3. SD-9000C Patient Monitor

1. 12.1" true color, high resolution LCD screen is designed for displaying ECG wave, respiratory wave and pulse and SpO2 graph of patients.
2. User-friendly display interface comes with multiple ECG displays including main monitoring display, measurement display, and 7-lead Ecg wave display.
3. It is proud to offer a screen freezing function and a ST segment automatic and manual measurement analysis function.
4. Automatic analysis to 20 types of arrhythmia waveforms; it can store 100 cases of arrhythmia.
5. The patient monitor offer up to 96 hours statistical data of heart rate, temperature, SpO2 and respiratory rate.
6. It also store 400 sets of NIBP data as well as the data of heart rate, temperature, SpO2, respiratory rate and pulse rate.
7. The ECG monitor can store and playback ECG data in past 24 hours.
8. It comes with over-voltage protection to both software and hardware.
9. Outstanding resistance to interference by defibrillation and high frequency electric scalpel ensures high safety. It can inhibit pace making.