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Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Here at Medcare, we can offer a wide range of ABS or steel bedside cabinets to hospitals and medical centers. Our bedside stands for hospital use come in 9 models and offer patients easy access to their personal belongings. According to customers needs, we can customize this bedside furniture.

Model Selection
1. MTCA1 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Stylish hospital ward equipment made of superior ABS;
Two drawers and one cupboard;
Four casters for ease of moving

Size: L450×W470×H780mm

2. MTCA2 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Except for color, the MTCA2 hospital bedside cabinet is identical to the MTCA1 type.

Size: L450×W470×H780mm

3. MTCA3 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Made of high quality ABS, ensuring resistance to corrosion and insect bite, and allowing recycling;
Reasonable structural design: One drawer, one small cupboard and a shoe rack at bottom;
Towel racks at two sides are convenient to hang towels or other objects.

Size: L480×W480×H820mm

4. MTCA4 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

ABS bedside cabinet with two-tier storage space;
Concave design of the top delivers high convenience for placing objects.

Size: L450×W470×H780mm

5. MTCA5 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Three-tier storage space;
Cup holder is designed on the top to prevent cup or bottle falling.

Size: L450×W470×H780mm

6. MTCA6 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

4 supporting feet effectively raise the distance from ground to bottom of the bedside cabinet, thus ensuring excellent moisture resistance;
A rack at one side is designed for hanging tower or other articles.

Size: L520×W480×H740mm

7. MTCA7 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Hospital bedside cabinet with solid wood texture;
Aluminum alloy frame;
Made of ABS;
Cabinet body and top come with wood grain

Size: L520×W480×H740mm

8. MTCA8 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

The bedside cabinet is constructed from melamine plates;
Cabinet lock;
Convex handle for easy opening

Size: L370×W370×H650mm

9. MTCA9 Bedside Cabinet for Hospital

Steel bedside cabinet;
Sunken handle for easy opening and closing

Size: L495×W423×H800mm