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Overbed Table

With years experience in supplying medical furniture, Medcare can offer an excellent selection of hospital overbed tables. Our over bed tables, sometimes called bedside table, are mainly applied to wards in clinical environments. Their heights can be adjusted according to customer's requirements. Currently, our hospital tables come in three color options, namely black, white and yellow. They can be made to individual specifications. If you need this hospital furniture, please feel free to contact us.

Model Selection
1. MTOB1 Overbed Table
Model MTOB1
Specification 81 0 ×440×720/1000mm
Name CE Approved Luxurious Over Bed Table
Description ABS engineering plastic, beautified board
Adjustable height by gas spring
Four 2.5" castors (any direction)
2. MTOB2 Overbed Table
Model MTOB2
Specification 900 × 450 × 720-1020mm
Name Luxurious Over Bed Table
Description ABS dinning board
Steel frame, ABS gas spring button
Height is adjustable, controlled by gas-spring
Four silent castors, φ55mm
3. MTOB3 Overbed Table
Type MTOB3
Weight 10kg
Max. load capacity (distributed on the countertop) 7.5 kg
Load force application point 20% max
Base width 48 cm
Base length 56 cm
Height (min.) 67 cm
Height (max.) 100 cm
The total length of the countertop 80 cm (60 cm + 20 cm)
Table top width 40 cm
Caster diameter 50 mm