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Medical Trolley

Our medical trolleys, also called medicine trolley are primarily used in hospitals, clinics for dressing purposes of each ward. At Medcare, we offer a wide range of medical trolleys which are available in 26 models and are constructed from stainless steel or ABS. The dressing trolleys that we supply come with reasonable structure design, providing outstanding versatility for your requirements. Equipped with 4 braked casters, they can move easily. We list detailed information about our 26 models medication trolleys below.

Model Selection of our Medical Trolleys
1. MTTR1 Medical Trolley

a. With two-tier design, the treatment trolley provides large storage and can be used to carry medicines or small emergency equipment.
b. Due to total stainless steel structure, it meets hygiene grade requirements and is easy to clean.

Size: L850×W500×H900mm

2. MTTR2 Medical Trolley

a. Total stainless steel structure
b. Semi-open rails can effectively avoid medical supplies slipping off.

Size: L850×W500×H900mm

3. MTTR3 Medical Trolley

a. The medical trolley is completely made of stainless steel, ensuring ease of cleaning.
b. PU universal casters offer convenience to move.

Size: L850×W500×H900mm

4. MTTR4 Medical Trolley

Stainless steel structure with three-tier design, providing larger storage place

Size: L850×W500×H900mm

5. MTTR5 Medical Trolley

This is a stainless steel medical trolley with three-tier sunken type shelves. It features large medicine and instrument storing capacity.

Size: L900×W500×H900mm

6. MTTR6 Medical Trolley

a. 304 stainless steel construction
b. Equipped with a drawer and a trash can

Size: L700×W450×H900mm

7. MTTR7 Medical Trolley

a. Total stainless steel medical trolley
b. Two drawers and two-tier shelves

Size: L650×W450×H900mm

8. MTTR8 Medical Trolley

a. Stainless steel construction with two-tier shelves
b. 4 omni-directional casters for easy transport

Size: L600×W360×H850mm

9. MTTR9 Medical Trolley

a. Three-tier structure with semi-open design
b. Larger storage place
c. Available to hold trays and buckets

Size: L380×W450×H920mm

10. MTTR10 Medical Trolley

a. Total stainless steel construction with two layers of shelves.
b. Above each layer of shelf, it is equipped with a layer of fixed mount for fixing infusion bottles or other medical products.
c. Unique handles for ease of carrying.

Size: L850×W500×H900mm

11. MTTR11 Medical Trolley

a. The medical trolley is totally manufactured from stainless steel.
b. It is designed with two sections. One section with three-tier shelf design is used for storing medicines or relevant medical instruments and another section is designed for hang a recycling bag that is convenient for nurses to timely recycle medical waste during transfusion.
c. If you are interested in the medical refuse recycling bag shown in the picture, we are glad to offer sourcing service.

Size: L900×W500×H1050mm

12. MTTR12 Medical Trolley

a. Fully constructed from stainless steel
b. It is available to hang medical refuse recycling bag within L900×W500×H1050mm, convenient for nurses or hospital cleaners to recycle bed sheet, hospital gowns and other products.

Size: L900×W500×H1050mm

13. MTTR13 Medical Trolley

a. With cylinder-shaped stainless steel construction, the medical trolley is mainly used for recycling patient clothes.
b. Welded disc-type stainless steel bottom can effectively bear the weight on it.
c. We can help you purchase recycling bags matched with the trolley.

Size: Ǿ450×H750mm

14. MTTR14 Medical Trolley

a. The medical cart comes with ABS top, plastic steel frame and 5 drawers that can be used for hold various medicines.
b. The top features a sunken design, providing convenience to hold medical record notes, thermometers and other things for medical diagnosis.
c. PU castors are designed with braking system, ensuring ease of transport and low noise.
d. This medical trolley can also be used as anesthesia trolley.

Size: L560×W495×H980mm

15. MTTR15 Medical Trolley

a. Top of the trolley comes with concave design that can effective avoid objects slipping off.
b. 4 drawers offer desired storing space.
c. A small waste bucket hangs at one side of the trolley for recycling medical wastes. d. Stainless steel rack above the top comes with containers for holding sterilized cotton balls, injectors, medical tapes, etc.

Size: L560×W495×H1500mm

16. MTTR16 Medical Trolley

a. This medical trolley is designed for carrying medical record notebooks.
b. 20 lateral bars are fitted in the trolley for easy access and taking out of medical notes.
c. A drawer is equipped for filing other objects.

Size: L336×W400×H850mm

17. MTTR17 Medical Trolley

The MTTR17 medical trolley is an improved version of MTTR16. Its storing capacity is 2 times as large as the MTTR16.

Size: L680×W400×H850mm

18. MTTR18 Medical Trolley

a. The cart is made from ABS by means of injection molding process, ensuring elegant appearance while providing high strength.
b. It is equipped with 5 drawers.
c. Designed with 2 baskets at one side, the trolley comes with larger storage space.
d. Annular stainless steel handrail on the top plus omni-directional casters enables you to push this medical cart toward any direction.

Size: L620×W520×H950mm

19. MTTR19 Medical Trolley

a. Upgraded version of MTTR18 medical trolley
b. Storage baskets at both sides
c. Medical waste recycling bucket at one side
d. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) board hung at its back
e. Telescoping IV pole

Size: L630×W470×H910mm
Workable top size: L600×W450

20. MTTR20 Medical Trolley

a. The medical trolley is made of PVC material, ensuring aesthetically pleasing appearance and long service life.
b. It is easy to handle.
c. Accessories of the trolley include stainless steel rails, ABS worktable, POM pillars, silent casters, compartment (drawer), central lock and garbage can.

Size: length 630×width 470× height 910mm;
Worktable: length 600mm× width 450mm;

21. MTTR21 Medical Trolley

a. The medical trolley is manufactured from aluminum, plastic and steel.
b. It is easy to move, stylish in design and graceful in outline.
c. The worktable with concave surface is made of ABS, and the rails on the worktable is used for bearing the removable partition, available for placing disinfectant cups and frosted round cup and other bottled objects.
d. The first layer is fitted for an exquisite automatic-lock drawer of 160mm height.
e. The second tier is mainly designed for placing medical instruments and other objects with rails on three sides.
f. The base is equipped with a detachable deep tray for storing convenience.
g. Based on the picture, it is provided with a basket at the top right for placing sharps box. Right under the basket, there's a pedal bin. It can be configured with an IV pole.
h. The trolley comes with an internally divided storage box at the left side for storing gadgets and others.

Workable top: 600×450×840mm;
Dimension: 775×635×910mm;

22. MTTR22 Medical Trolley

The MTTR22 medical trolley has nearly the same configurations with the MTTR21 trolley. The difference is that the middle layer of this trolley is fitted with two waste bins instead of worktable.

Workable top size: 600×450×840mm;
Dimension: 775×635×910mm;

23. MTTR23 Medical Trolley

a. The cart is constructed from aluminum, plastic and steel.
b. It delivers ease of moving, stylish design and exquisite appearance.
c. The worktable with concave surface is made of ABS, and it is fitted with rails on three sides to avoid objects slipping off. It's easy to clean.
d. The elegant drawer is equipped with double latch tongues for slip prevention. And it is possible to lock the whole drawer.
e. The first, second and third layers are equipped with internally divided drawers at the average height of 80mm, for storing oral medicine and others.
f. The fourth, fifth and sixth layers are designed with large drawer of 160mm height, inside of which there's a large medicine box for placing instruments and others.
g. From the picture, the trolley is outfitted with a large pedal bin at the lower right side. It comes with a lid to avoid infection. And, it boasts a basket at the top right side for storing sharps box
h. At the left side of the cart, there is an internally divided storage box for placing gadgets and others.

Dimension: 775×635×1080mm;
Workable top: 606×450×1015mm;

24. MTTR24 Medical Trolley

a. A combination of aluminum, plastic and steel produces this robust, lightweight and striking medical trolley.
b. The top worktable is made of ABS. Concave surface design can prevent the objects on it from slipping off.
c. The trolley is fitted with a set of anesthesia label boxes at the top back of the worktable.
e. The elegantly molded drawer is equipped with double latch tongues for slip prevention.

Size: 775×635×1590mm
Workable top: 600×450×1015mm

25. MTTR25 Medical Trolley

a. This medical trolley is made of PVC material, unique in design, elegant in outline and easy to move.
b. It comes with three layers. Each layer is designed with rails for placing different drugs and instruments.
c. The rails on the board are capable of bearing detachable partition for placing disinfectant cups, and other bottled objects

Worktable: 480mm×450mm×810mm;
Dimension: 710mm×620mm×990mm

26. MTTR26 Medical Trolley

a. The medical trolley features a distinctive style. It comes with streamline shape, steel and plastic structure, which make it look beautiful and move easily;
b. Concave table of each layer is equipped with fence. It can store different drugs or medical devices;
C. The top-layer worktable is hanged with a removable partition which can be used to place bottled objects like disinfectant cups.

Worktable: 480mm×450mm×810mm
Dimension: 710mm×620mm×990mm