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Birthing Bed

A superior birthing bed is of great importance for a smooth, safe and comfortable labour and delivery. As a professional hospital furniture supplier, Medcare offers a series of high quality and versatile birthing beds. These delivery chairs or delivery tables can be used for not only delivery including cesarean operations, but also gynecological operation, gynecological examination and other surgical operations.

Designed with hydraulic lifting mechanism, our obstetric tables can conduct entire lifting, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning, backrest adjusting, seat adjusting, etc. Manual control enables exceptional flexibility. Our MTDR series birthing tables in four models are provided with pink mattress that provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Sewage basin is available as required.

Model Selection
1. MTDR1 Birthing Bed

1. This maternity bed can be raised and lowered by means of hydraulic pressure.
2. A variety of actions can be adjusted in the right scope and are easy to operate.
3. Bed frame and fluid vessel are made high quality stainless steel, ensuring exquisite appearance while providing easy of cleaning. 4. Leg section can be adjusted to any position, and is detachable.

Length: 1900mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 680mm~930mm
Adjust: ≥ 240mm

2. MTDR2 Birthing Bed

1. The base of the delivery bed is constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel, thus ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning.
2. The main bed and auxiliary bed are connected with each other, four foot wheels are equipped on auxiliary bed and brake device is spared.
3. Mattress is made of high density sponge coated with superior leather. So it is easy to cleaned and sterilize.
4. Rotary brake device enable the operating table to move easily and safely.

Length: 1950± 50mm
Width: 600± 10mm
Height: (750-950) ± 50mm
Backrest upward adjustment: ≥ 60°
Backrest downward adjustment: ≥ 10°
Seat lifting: ≥ 70mm
Auxiliary table: 750× 600mm

3. MTDR3 Birthing Bed

1. This medical furniture is designed for childbirth, gynecological examination, and operation.
2. It can be raised or lowered by a handle.
3. The frame is made of stainless steel.
4. The multi-function delivery table comes with a split design. This is, it consists of a main bed and a leg bed connected with each other.
5. Back section and seat section are controlled by hand wheel and handle. It is easy to operate, reliable and stable.

Dimensions: L1950×W600×H800mm
Backrest upward adjustment: ≥60°
Backrest downward adjustment: ≥8°
Seat upward adjustment: ≥25 °
Seat downward adjustment: ≥8°

4. MTDR4 Birthing Bed

This is an electric delivery table that is powered by a low voltage DC motor, ensuring remarkable reliability and safety in operation. All electric movement is controlled by a controller or foot switch. Leg extension board can be detached as per requirements.

1. Table base is made of premium steel with powder coating treatment.
2. Mattress is made of quality high density sponge coated with artificial leather, soft and easy to clean.
3. Minimum height reaches 500mm.

Dimension: 2000mm × 600mm
Height (adjustable): 550-950mm
Backrest adjustment: upward≥70°; downward≥10°
Hip board adjustment: upward≥28°; downward≥10°
Arm support outreach: 90°
Power: AC110V-220V±10%, 50HZ/60HZ