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Gynaecology Couch

Here at Medcare, we offer a wide range of gynaecology couches for easy and comfortable gynecology examinations which are available in MTGT1, MTGT2, MTGT3, MTGT4, and MTGT5 models. Features and specifications of these gynecological examination tables couches are shown as follows.

1. MTGT1 Gynaecology Couch

1. The gynecological chair is designed for hospitals and clinics to carry out every kind of gynecology examination, diagnosis and surgical operation. Patient position can be adjusted based on practical situations.
2. It consists of three basic parts i.e. backrest, seat and leg supports
3. The mattress is made from high density sponge coated with superior leather ensuring ease of cleaning and excellent wear resistance.
4. Steel frame is protected against corrosion due to electrostatic powder painting and galvanized coating treatments.
5. The gynaecology couch is designed with a stainless tube for collecting the fluid at the bottom.
6. Trendelenburg position can be easily adjusted and fixed to the desired angle through the shaft mechanism.
7. Three-section examination table.
8. The gynecology table boasts two straining arm rests at both sides, and a knee support.

Size: 1680×600×800mm

2. MTGT2 Gynaecology Couch

1. Epoxy coated steel frame provides high strength as well as corrosion and wear resistance.
2. The medical furniture is designed with leather fabric upholstery which is high quality and density foam coated with artificial leather.
3. It comes with a platform in three sections including backrest adjusted by gas spring and knee rest controlled by gear mechanic system.
4. Double leg supports with one S.S bowl under the table.
5. The gynecological table offers a foot step, and four anti-noise rubber tips under the legs.
6. Cost saving knock-down construction.

Size: 1850mm×650mm×900mm

3. MTGT3 Gynaecology Couch

1. The frame and legs are all constructed from full stainless steel tubes, and the table top is made of high-density foam coated with artificial leather.
2. Headrest offers an angle adjustment from horizontal to 75° and the leg rest features 0~35° angle adjustment. This is convenient for examination in different positions.

Size: L1800×W550×H800mm

4. MTGT4 Gynaecology Couch

1. The product is designed based on the concept of childbirth accompanied by family. It has obtained 5 national patents including a design patent.
2. The driven and control system employ state of the art motors which are safe, reliable, easy operated and have low noise. Both families and nurses can operate it.
3. The versatile electric delivery table is driven by a low voltage DC motor, ensuring high safety and reliability. The leg rest can be removed as needed.
4. The medical device is dirt-free and easy to clean. Central brake enables higher stability.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Overall dimension: Length 1900mm × Width 600mm
3. Height: Min. height≤660mm, Max. height≥960mm (The cushion thickness is not excluded)
4. Backrest upward adjustment angle: ≥75°
5. Backrest downward adjustment angle: ≥17°
6. Seat board upward adjustment angle: ≥ 40°
7. Seat board downward adjustment angle: ≥ 5°
8. Arm support open angle: ≥90°

Accessories: Anesthesia screen frame; Pull handle; Leg support; Arm support; Foot switch; Manual controller

5. MTGT5 Gynaecology Couch

It is suitable for gynecological surgery, operative abortion and gynecological examination, and other applications.

1. Various actions and operations are controlled by industry leading and award wining motor.
2. The gynecology couch is designed with a hand-operated controller and a foot controller that is mutually independent, ensuring easy operation.
3. Unique profile design makes it elegant and eye-catching.
4. It boasts a hidden auxiliary table with flexible extension and retraction.
5. It is also equipped with a hidden sewage basin.
6. One-step forming leather fabric upholstery with high density sponge padding allows easy cleaning and sterilizing.
7. One-key reset function.
8. The gynecology couch enjoys silent casters that are equipped with brake device.

Technical Specifications
Length 1300mm ±50mm
Width 550mm ±20mm
Height 650mm -950mm ±50mm
Trendelenburg ≥10°
Reverse Trendelenburg ≥15°
Backrest adjustment ≥50°
Leg support elevating height ≥350mm
Auxiliary table (length: 350mm width:450mm)±20mm
Power supply 220V, 50Hz