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Examination Couch

At Medcare, we offer 6 types of examination couches which are exceptionally stable, durable and comfortable for the patients. Some of these medical couches come with a multi-angle (0-75°) adjustable backrest or knee Gatch position for convenient medical examination. These examination tables are ideal for use in various medical environments such as outpatient departments, emergency departments, color Doppler ultrasonic examination rooms, etc. It has become indispensable medical furniture in medical examination.

Model Selection
1. MTEC1 Examination Couch

1) The exam table is applied to auscultation for patients in a sitting or lying down position.
2) Epoxy coated mild steel frame offers excellent resistance to corrosion.
3) Rubber tips are used to fix and protect the legs.
4) 6cm thick foam mattress, covered with a layer of waterproof and washable artificial leather.
5) The treatment couch consists of two parts, including a multi-position adjustable backrest.
6) Side handles on each side.
7) Paper roll holder fitted under the couch.
8) Available in black or dark brown, detachable design

Size: 180×55×80cm
Mattress: 80mm soft foam mattress

2. MTEC2 Examination Couch

1) Examination table of the most basic style;
2) Couch frame is constructed from square steel tubes by welding;
3) Mattress is covered with a layer of leather, ensuring ease of cleaning.

Size: L1900×W650×H710mm

3. MTEC3 Examination Couch

1) Head section (backrest) offers an angle adjustment from horizontal to 75 degrees.
2) Mattress comes in purple or other colors as per customer request.

Size: L1900×W650×H710mm

4. MTEC4 Examination Couch

1) Common medical couch constructed from iron tubes with surface painting;
2) 8cm thick mattress is available in blue and black colors;
3) Height can be adjusted by foot pedal.

Size: L1900×W550×H400-800mm

5. MTEC5 Examination Couch

1) Backrest angle ranges from 0° to 75°, providing convenience for medical examination;
2) Main frame is made from thickened square tubes by means of welding, ensuring uniform weld joints and exceptional firmness.

Size: L1900×W550×H400-800mm

6. MTEC6 Examination Couch

1) Head section provides an angle adjustment from 0° to 75° using a gas spring.
2) Foot section provides an angle adjustment from 0° to 45° using a gas spring.
3) Welded frame and legs from thick steel tubes ensure high robustness and stability.
4) High density elastic foam coated by easy-to-clean, durable artificial leather.

Size: L1900×W550×H600/800mm