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IV Pole

IV pole, also called IV stand, drip stand, infusion pole or infusion stand is often placed beside or installed on hospital furniture for easy IV infusion. At Medcare, we offer two types of stainless steel IV poles. They are designed with 4 or 5 feet, and each foot is equipped with a caster for easy movement. Each of our IV stands can simultaneously hold 4 bottles. Main stand is made of stainless steel and enables height adjustment as your needs. For various hospitals and private clinics, our IV poles can be an optimal choice.

Model Selection
1. MT-IV1 IV Pole

1) This medical IV pole is manufactured from 304 stainless steel, with high content of nickel, thus ensuring exceptional resistance to corrosion and bright surface.
2) It is fitted with 4 bottle hooks and 4 Ø50mm casters.

Size: 450×450×1320mm-2350mm

2. MT-IV2 IV Pole

Stainless steel IV pole with plastic base;
5 universal casters for convenience to move;

Size: 550 × 550 ×1320-2350mm