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Hospital Bed

Medcare offers a selection of electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed which boast all the functions that customers may need for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers involving back raising, leg raising, entire bed raising, left raising and right raising functions. Single function and a combination of several functions are available for customers.

We are a specialist hospital furniture supplier. Our hospital beds, also known as patient bed or hospital cot, are all CE certified and enjoy 3-year warranty. Electric parts such as motor enjoy 5-year warranty.

The electric hospital bed is operated by a superior electric controller. It comes with 5 functions, realizing rising of backrest, feet and entire bed height as well as Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning. These functions are convenient for rapid recovery of patients.

If you are looking for an electric hospital bed that can be raised at the head, feet and entire height, our MTE301~ MTE307 series hospital beds are your preferred choice. Specifically, the backrest can be raised by 0-75° (±2%); the reclining angle for feet is 0-45° (±2%); the entire bed can be raised by 460 to 720mm.

The electric hospital bed comes with 2 functions. That is, it can be electrically operated to realize head and foot rising. Designed with foldable siderails made of high quality and strength aluminum, the adjustable bed delivers high degree of safety to patients. Constructed from thicker and solider steel, the frame of the electric bed is more robust.

They are controlled by three hand cranks to raise the backrest, knee Gatch and entire bed height. To be specific, taking the MTM301 manual bed as an example, the backrest can be raised by 0-75° (±2%), the knee Gatch position can be raised by 0-45° (±2%), and the entire bed can be raised by 350mm~690mm.

Raising the head by 0-75° (±2%) and raising the feet or Knee Gatch position by 0-45° (±2%) can be realized by hand cranking in our MTM200 series manual hospital beds. By means of adjustable backrest, the patient bed can effectively adjust the sitting position of patient for convenient eating and relaxing. In virtue of knee Gatch position adjustment, the blood circulation of patient's legs can be effectively regulated.

This hospital furniture is specially designed with an adjustable backrest that can provide patient a comfortable sitting position for ease of reading, eating and other certain activities, thus laying a solid foundation for getting well soon.