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Manual Hospital Bed, 1 Function

Want a simple and low cost hospital bed that is manually operated to adjust the backrest position? Our MTM100 series manual hospital beds offer you the optimal solution. This hospital furniture is specially designed with an adjustable backrest that can provide patient a comfortable sitting position for ease of reading, eating and other certain activities, thus laying a solid foundation for getting well soon.

1. This series hospital cot is equipped with detachable ABS head and foot ends.
2. Steel frame and mattress support with phosphating and powder painting treatment ensure high bearing capacity and notable comfort.
3. The medical nursing bed enjoys 3-year warranty.

Optional auxiliary products: Mattress, bedside table, shampoo basin, foot basin, etc.

Model Selection
1. MTM101 Manual Hospital Bed

a. Backrest angle can be adjusted from 0°-75° (±2%) by using a crank handle.
b. Main frame of the bed is constructed by high quality square steel tube in welding process.
c. It is equipped with rubber bases under 4 legs for high stability and low noise during movement.
d. Large space under the bed allows you to put water basin, slippers, and others.
c. 1 IV pole with drainage hook is provided for ease of treating.

Size: 2150×950×500mm

2. MTM102 Manual Hospital Bed

a. Crank handle is designed for raising the head. Backrest adjustable angle is 0-75° (±2%).
b. Four casters are equipped for easy of moving.

Size: 2150×950×500mm

3. MTM103 Manual Hospital Bed

a. Detachable ABS head and foot boards;
b. Two aluminum alloy siderails that can be lifted and folded

Size: 2150×950×500mm

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