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Manual Hospital Bed, 2 Functions

Raising the head by 0-75° (±2%) and raising the feet or Knee Gatch position by 0-45° (±2%) can be realized by hand cranking in our MTM200 series manual hospital beds. By means of adjustable backrest, the patient bed can effectively adjust the sitting position of patient for convenient eating and relaxing. In virtue of knee Gatch position adjustment, the blood circulation of patient's legs can be effectively regulated.

1. The manual hospital bed is equipped with rubber casters, ensuring low noise in bed movement and ease of maneuverability.
2. Mattress support of the healthcare bed is constructed from square steels by welding process. This ensures great permeability, high robustness and durability, aesthetically pleasing appearance and comfort.
3. Head and foot ends are made of ABS by blow molding, thus providing exceptional performance such as firmness, resistance to corrosion, oxidization, ease of cleaning, etc.

Medcare promises 3-year warranty for this series manual medical bed. To match customer's needs, we offer optional auxiliary devices for this manual medical equipment including mattress, bedside table, back up battery and CPR controller.

Model Selection
1. MTM201 Manual Hospital Bed

a. 2 aluminum alloy siderails that can be lifted and folded;
b. 4 silent casters with brake provide ease of moving

Size: 2150×950×500mm.

2. MTM202 Manual Hospital Bed

a. 2 aluminum alloy siderails;
b. Equipped with IV poles

Size: 2150×950×500mm.

3. MTM203 Manual Hospital Bed

According to customer's need, it can be provided with a dinning table over the bed.

Size: 2150×950×500mm.

4. MTM204 Manual Hospital Bed

Size: 2150×950×500mm.

5. MTM205 Manual Hospital Bed

a. 2 aluminum alloy side rails that are easy-to-lift and collapsible;
b. I.V. poles with drainage hooks installed at 4 corners of the bed;

Size: 2150×950×500mm.

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