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Head Immobilizer

Head immobilizer is an excellent solution for spinal immobilization of patients. As an expert first aid supplies provider, Medcare carries universal and disposable EMS head immobilizers. They are all designed for the safe and comfortable head immobilizer in patient handling.

1. The EMS equipment is made of high density plastic, designed with two circular holes at both sides of the head for observation of hemorrhage.
2. Using the medical equipment, the patients can directly receive X-ray, CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging treatments without having to take off it.
3. It is waterproof, easy to clean, virus infection resistant, etc.
4. Our head immobilizers can be perfectly used with spine boards and scoop stretchers.

Model Selection

1. MT-IM1 Universal Head Immobilizer
Model Product Size Packing Size N.W. Loading Capacity G.W.
MT-IM1 42×26×18cm 60×56×46cm 11KG ≤159kg 12KG
2. MT-IM2 Disposable Head Immobilizer

This disposable head Immobilization device can be made for customer's requirements.