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Vacuum Splint

Medcare's MT-VA2 vacuum splint provides fast, effective and versatile emergency splinting solution for fractures and injuries in a variety of patient extremities. It is used as a temporary splint which operates by extracting air from the splint itself to form a rigid body to mold around the injured body part. The emergency splint is designed to offer immobilization to the entire patient, including body, limbs, joint positions and neck. Color and size can be customized.


1. The vacuum splint can be coated with fluorescent material as required.
2. It does not affect X-ray and MRI inspection.
4. After inflated, the EMS device can be used as a buoyant device.
5. The vacuum state in 0.3-0.5Mpa can keep 24 hours under atmospheric pressure without leakage
6. It is attached with an air pump and a portable package.

Packaging Detail: 1pcs/ctn.
Packing size (L×W×H): 52×29×38cm
Weight: 6.5Kg