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Kendrick Extrication Device - KED

Our Kendrick extrication device, K.E.D. as it is also known, enjoys an individual package, ensuring ease of carrying. It is a necessity in the first aid kits of an EMT, paramedic or first responder for prehospital emergencies, especially traffic accidents. The EMS gear is typically used to immobilize the cervical spine and vertebral column of the victims of traffic collisions when removing them from the vehicles.

1. The Kendrick extrication device is internally fitted with a hard board for spine immobilization. The board comes with a firm nylon cover that makes the victim comfortable while providing effective immobilization.
2. External nylon cover delivers exceptional prone to clean and maintenance.
3. Easy-to-unlock straps for head, torso and legs vary in colors, enabling ease of use in a tough environment where light is pale.
4. Before transferring the patients to a full-size spine board, you can use the Kendrick extrication device in conjunction with cervical collar to immobilize their sitting posture.
5. Our KED boasts 2 forehead and lower jaw fixing straps that can be used repeatedly.

Model Open Size Packing size (4pcs) N.W. (1pcs) G.W. (4pcs)
MT-KED 252×87×0.5cm 86×26×35cm 3.5Kg 15.2kg