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Neck Brace

MT-CC1, MT-CC2 and MT-CC3 are the three types of neck brace supplied by Medcare. The MT-CC3 neck brace is specially designed for children and other two types are used for adults. These neck supports, also referred to as cervical collar can all applied to patient with cervical spine injuries and spinal injuries. During emergency rescue, the degree of injury of patient's cervical spine and lumbar spine needs to be noticed. When necessary, several emergency personnel should work together to transfer the patients and wear EMSS adjustable neck brace around their neck.

Product Advantages
1. The medical devices are completely made of polymer materials that come from TPC, BASF and other world famous suppliers.
2. Soft foam materials enable them to fit well with patient neck.
3. Adjustable size make the C-spine immobilizer fit for most of patients.
4. It is unnecessary to take the neck support collar off during X-ray inspection and CT scan due to excellent X-ray penetration.
5. Our neck braces come with ease of use and top level Velcro fastener ensures firm lock.

Model Selections
1. MT-CC1 Neck Brace

1. 100% pure cotton fabric and nylon fastener;
2. Low, middle and high position adjustment of foam;
3. Die cut at the airway position provides convenience for carotid artery observation and trachea cannula;
4. Rear hole design for palpation and ventilation;
5. Special fixing lock for stability and symmetry

Model Open size Adjustable height N.W. G.W.
MT-CC1 57×18×2.4cm 10-14.5cm 7.5Kg 8.5kg
2. MT-CC2 Neck Brace

1. State of the art structure design, highly superior over those formed by two foams;
2. Optimized design for rigorous space requirements in outdoor rescue;
3. Ergonomic appearance design

Model Open Size Adjustable height N.W. G.W.
MT-CC2 57×18×2.4cm 10-14.5cm 7.5Kg 8.5kg
3. MT-CC3 Neck Brace

1. Soft and comfortable IXPE foam;
2. Well suited for children

Model Open Size Adjustable height N.W. G.W.
MT-CC3 55×21×2.5cm 6.5-10cm 7.5Kg 8.5kg