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Patient Transfer Sheet

The slide sheet is one of the safest, most stable medical products for patient transfer in a bed. When using the patient transfer sheet to reposition a patient in bed, neck and body are moved flatly, decreasing physical strain to back, shoulders, neck and arms and avoiding accident during transfer. The sliding sheets are especially suitable for the patients of more than 100kg, under general anesthesia, with bone fracture and those who have just experienced a critical surgery.

Medcare's slide sheets in 180×50×1cm unfold size and 92×56×4cm packing size are made of waterproof materials, allowing clean by wet cloth and warm water. They can be disinfected periodically using any common method.

Model Product size Folded size Packing size (3PCS) Loading weight N.W. G.W.
MT-PS1 180×50×1cm 90×50×2cm 92×56×4cm ≤159kg 6kg 7kg